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Detection Kit for Influenza A Virus RNA(Multiple RT-PCR Fluorescence probing)

Influenza viruses include A, B and C, and A is most likely to cause epidemics.The patient's nasal discharge, saliva, sputum and other secretions can detect the virus.The clinical manifestations are acute onset, high fever, myalgia, headache with severe discomfort, dry cough, sore throat or rhinitis, and most patients can recover within one to two weeks.The onset of the disease peaks in all season.

Product principle:

This kit is used to qualitatively detect influenza A virus nucleic acid in population throat swab samples in vitro.The quantitative detection of influenza A virus in population swab samples was realized by real-time fluorescent RT-PCR using a pair of specific primers of the nucleoprotein (NP) gene of influenza A virus and a specific TaqMan fluorescent probe.


Product advantage:

1. Simple operation and short time consuming

The product is equipped with an out-of-the-box nucleic acid extraction reagent.The whole process from nucleic acid extraction to the result takes less than 2 hours.

2. Line type standard

The amplification curve plateau obviously, the slope is big.

3. Strong anti-interference ability

Rt-pcr reaction is carried out continuously in the same tube and can effectively prevent pollution.

4. Strong compatibility

No need for multi-channel PCR instruments, suitable for a variety of fluorescence PCR instruments.

5. Dual system certification and quality assurance

It has passed the production quality management system of China Food and Drug Administration and ISO13485 international certification to ensure the strict control of product quality in production, storage and other links.

6. Internal standard design

RNase P was used as the internal reference of this kit to control the quality of the reaction results to avoid false negatives.